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A Harsh Political Lesson

Chuck Schumer lays a harsh and accurate assessment on his fellow Democrats. From The Wall Street Journal,  Schumer’s ObamaCare Mea Culpa (link may require a subscription) excerpt: The Senator called the law a distraction from the “middle-class-oriented programs” his party should…

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Amateur Hour

The administration will delay for one year the provision of the Affordable Health Care Act that enforces a penalty on employers with more than 50 workers. What do they expect to change in a year? We will have another year…

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A Better Diagnosis of the Health Care Problem

Greedy insurance companies, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors in 10,000 square foot mansions make convenient targets for the escalating health care costs.  One could also fault intrusive government regulations and mandates and a few may actually credit the…

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The Economy Could Have Been a Lot Worse

The economy is weak and much of the reason is the growth restraints of Obama Care and the Dodd-Frank bill.  There are health insurance issues and financial issues that need to be addressed with legislation but these bills either addressed…

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HSAs and Obama Care

There is much not to like about Obama Care  (Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act) , but this post will focus on just one. HSAs or Health Savings Accounts are actually a part of a health insurance option that…

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Relative Optimism

In the June 4, 2011 Wall Street Journal Online, James Freeman writes The Bullish Case for the U.S. Economy.  Freeman interviews Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist for Blackrock, the world’s largest money manager. Excerpt: People are invariably shocked when Mr.…

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