I have been blogging for about ten years and focus on political and economic policy. The content is a mix of curated columns, excerpts from books, and original content. You can also find my columns at American Thinker.  (search: oliner)

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and worked most of my adult life in the scrap and steel industry in Macon, Ga.  Ultimately as CEO.  We sold the companies in 2010 and 2013. Part of my political interest was stoked by my business experience, particularly dealing with labor unions and the EPA.

Much of the content is focused on the Progressive movement and its development, American history, and the tug of war between Constitutional liberty, free market economics, and the progressive growth of central government power. I can be a policy geek. The ideas behind our political actions fascinates me.  Politics is where philosophy hits the pavement.

One may consider this blog libertarian or conservative. While I do not reject either label, they are incomplete because of the nature of labels, but more so because of the stereotypes these labels conjure. I am often in disagreement with pundits on the right.

The name Rebel Yid came from the combination of being Jewish and Southern.  Yiddish without a southern accent sounds relatively sterile to me.

Rebel Yid is a personal enterprise. I do not tailor the content to suit anybody but me and my interests. I appreciate your interest and comments, disagreement, corrections and judgments.  I can tolerate anything that is expressed civilly except blatant ignorance.  There is fan page on Facebook where I share articles of interest not included in the blog.  If you swim in the social media pond please join in. I am more likely to read comments there.

Thanks for reading Rebel Yid and sharing your thoughts.

Henry Oliner


The picture above was taken overlooking Jerusalem, which in case this is new to you, is the capital of Israel.