I never liked the ‘love it or leave it’ response to the Vietnam era protesters. It was a resignation of thought and debate to raw tribalism. Accusations of racism are similarly used; if every problem can be traced to racism, and if every person who disagrees with open borders, ICE enforcement, ballot ID, single payer healthcare, free tuition, BDS, the Green New Deal or whatever insanity the left proposes this week is racist then the term has lost all meaning and power.

We should not be surprised when the racist canard against Trump carries no weight. Few Americans have much sympathy for Ilham Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks and harsh anti-American rhetoric after coming from the Somalian hell hole. Trump’s remarks were harsh and stupid, but not racist. Unfortunately his remarks do empower the racist elements among his supporters.  It is interesting that David Duke, a true racist, that supported Trump now considers Ilhan Omar a hero.  Three of the anti-American ‘Squad’ were born in the U.S. Many voters, however, are tired of the politically correct and being branded a racist for no other reason than being white.

This was a major reason the Midwest blue collar workers voted for Trump. Every time one disagrees with a person of color, he or she is not a racist. Those accused will not engage to defend themselves, but they will retreat to the ultimate safe space: the voting booth.

Trump’s comment succeeded in putting the four most radical voices of the Democrats in front of their party and its two dozen candidates for president. If he can maintain this strategy he will be re-elected.

This is the slow-motion suicide of identity politics. When everything is about race or sex it loses its power because it becomes impossible to define. If a word means everything it means nothing. The Squad cannot even disagree with its own party and leaders without attributing differences to racism. Pelosi tried to minimize the power of these few House Democrats yet was unable to pass a meaningful anti-Semitic resolution against the support these few actors garnered. Yet they had little trouble passing a resolution condemning Trump’s ‘racist’ comment.