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The Bernie Sanders Threat

Bernie is the moral supremacist progressive of the first Progressive Era of 1900-1920 that reacted to the Gilded Age and inequality of that period. Bloomberg is the elite technocrat Progressive of the second Progressive Era of 1932-1980; beginning with the New Deal and ending with the Great Society. The irony of a “progressive” reclaiming old and exhausted positions from fifty to a hundred years ago is lost on most who accept progressivism.

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The Suicide of Identity Politics

This is the slow-motion suicide of identity politics. When everything is about race or sex it loses its power because it becomes impossible to identify. The Squad cannot even disagree with its own party and leaders without attributing differences to racism. Pelosi tried to minimize the power of these few House Democrats yet was unable to pass a meaningful anti-Semitic resolution against the support these few actors garnered. Yet they had little trouble passing a resolution condemning Trump’s ‘racist’ comment.

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A Permanent Stain on Their Party

“If this is the new standard, then every racist thing Donald Trump has ever said about immigrants is immune to criticism because he can claim he was just encouraging “openness” and “conversation.” As Dean Phillips, a fellow Democratic freshman (and moderate) from a nearby Minnesota district lamented to Politico, “suddenly an entire party is being branded by the perspectives of two of its members [Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] who represent 1 percent of the caucus.”

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Liberal Tourette’s

These ideas frighten reasonable people and the sheer number and rate of their release will be hard to overcome if they wish to attract that middle third that decides election outcomes. Being seen as unserious and reckless with ideas will not engender the trust to retain political power.

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Information, Confirmation and Outrage

We lost understanding as we moved from information to confirmation, and we have lost civility as we moved from confirmation to outrage.

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Petty Tyrants in College Have Moved Into Congress

In college they were deferred to with respect they did not earn or merit. Now they have power and it has gone straight to their woefully underused brains. We have replaced thoughtful policy with juvenile unicorns like the Green New Deal. We are now in the “cheap seats”. How can we be surprised today to see what tolerating these petty tyrants in college has led to? What you tolerate you teach.

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