I confess to a strong sense of schadenfreude at seeing the social justice warriors have their main weapon turned on them.  Big donors are withholding money from universities who tolerate real hate, not just hate speech, and not just the crocodile tears, virtue signaling, and microaggression nonsense.  Graduates are now being held to account for their views when hitting the job market.  Supporting Hamas after their savage attack on October 7 may have been the bridge too far, but the illiberal restraint on speech and the cancel culture is also being cancelled.

I always thought identity politics would end badly.  The reaction will not be just about the tolerance of anti-Semitism but will address all the other values that embraced it.  The idea that this is just a small portion of the student population and is thus an overreaction is bull shit.  The percentage of cops who assault unarmed blacks is much smaller and that did not stop nationwide riots.

Cancel all these social justice grifters, anti-Semites, and illiberal fascists.  When you live by the sword……