I think that the Amazon model may be as significant a step in commercial innovation as the assembly line or the department store.   One Click shopping is just absolute genius.

My most recent purchases:

Amazon is cheaper 87% of the time, but most of these were items that I could never have found in Macon.  Never once had to wait in line, never once had to be put on hold.  It is the state of the art shopping experience.

Other observations:

I would hate to be in a location bound product retailer.  With the exception of clothing and firearms I just do not know how one would compete.

While some moral supremacists blast location bound retailers for making their employees work on holidays, the sales system at Amazon and most online retailers are available 24/7 – 365 days a year – all holidays included.  Nobody is protesting them.  This seems a little unfair.

Elitists who know more than the market also criticize the minimum wages paid at most retailers, even threatening to boycott some.  How do you boycott Amazon?  Does anyone protest what Amazon pays?  Does anybody know? Does anybody care?  Think how many human touches have been removed from the buying and shopping process.