The utter failure of the ACA website roll out is just a cover for the fact that the real failure is the plan itself.  The shitty website does not explain the cancellations and the painfully higher costs.

But the disaster has triggered a collapse in the confidence of this administration from all but the hard core Kool Aid addicted.  It may have caused many to question the honesty and integrity of those who claim to have the answers.  This destruction of faith will reach beyond health care.

At the same time there some growing skepticism about the reality of catastrophic anthropomorphic (man caused) global warming or (just in case it is not currently warming) climate change.  More and more books are questioning the prediction of the climate apocalyptic junkies, and the statistics that have preached an overwhelming consensus (an unscientific term if there ever was one) of scientists who support the predictions of impending catastrophe.

Once we acknowledge that those who pretend to solve our problems will willfully lie to us it becomes more palatable to absorb the fact that this trust has also been breached by the scientific establishments.  It makes it just a little more believable that the AGW movement is just another group of assurances that are false and promises that are empty.