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Our Exaggerated Demise

While we should not ignore the problems we do have, we should also not ignore the means that have given us the exponential improvements we have enjoyed.  Jonah Goldberg in The Suicide of the West emphasizes that human progress is neither natural or inevitable.

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Internet Sales Tax Ruling

Many small businesses that ship online will be hurt by this ruling. Complying with the tax codes for 48 states that charge sales tax will be crippling for many of them.  There will be a need for a third party to manage the sales tax issue for thousands of small online businesses. This will likely serve to make Amazon and other large online retailers bigger and more powerful in the internet sales arena. 

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Benign and Intolerable Job Destruction

from National Review, Who Will Protect Americans from the Protectionists? by George Will Today’s Republican administration promises protection against the destruction of American jobs by the Chinese, Mexicans, and other foreigners. The really prolific destroyers are: Americans. As Reason’s John Tamny says,…

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The New Robber Barons

From Joel Kotkin at New Geography, TODAY’S TECH OLIGARCHS ARE WORSE THAN THE ROBBER BARONS Now from San Francisco to Washington and Brussels, the tech oligarchs are something less attractive: a fearsome threat whose ambitions to control our future politics, media,…

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The Amazon Phenomenon

I think that the Amazon model may be as significant a step in commercial innovation as the assembly line or the department store.   One Click shopping is just absolute genius. My most recent purchases:  A wisk broom- an old fashioned…

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100% of Nothing is Less than Nothing

George Will writes in The Washington Post– April 29, 2011 Working Up a Tax Storm excerpts Storm, 42, is founder and chief executive of FatWallet.com. The company, until recently one of about 9,000 Illinois “affiliates” of Amazon.com, directs online shoppers…

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