Elitist bureaucrats have reams of academic qualifications, but lack the critical wisdom to understand their limitations.  The best theoretical ideas are quickly frustrated by the political realities that create counterproductive favoritism,  cronyism, and quickly confront the sacrifice of individual liberty to a utopian theory that not only does not work but inevitably creates considerable harm.  The ignorance of those who do not understand the basic concepts of free markets and capitalism creates an acceptance of a political self interest that is far more destructive to our social structure than the economic self interest of capitalism.

Cries of Racism like all the other name calling and demonization has become the intellectually lazy alternative to rational debate.  It is much easier to assume the other side is unworthy of debate.

We are a victim of our own success.  We have become so good at using our creative powers to overcome scarcities that we believe scarcities do not exist.  In our pursuit to serve every human need we threaten our ability to produce the wealth that serves our basic needs.  The limited government that was so essential to our success has been sacrificed to a thirst for power masquerading as altruism and public service.

The concept of Medieval Liberals is awesome. They pretend to be open minded yet reject all forms of skepticism. They demonize opposition as racists and flat earthers, yet turn a blind eye to the incredible corruption and crony capitalists in their midst.  They celebrate every form of diversity except the diversity of ideas, the most important of them all.

To the extent that our government micromanages our private institutions, chooses winners and losers, promotes crony capitalism and interferes with the consistent rule of law they short circuit the ecology that is essential for economic growth.

Fiscal prudence is never enacted “for the sake of community”.  Community is used and abused as a rationale to raise taxes and increase spending.