Capitalism is the competition of ideas.  Statist solutions are the opposite.  Statist solutions would be better if they always picked the best ideas, but in the absence of competition  we never know what the best ideas are.  It is ironic that those who push statist solutions pretend to be concerned for the common man, yet trust him least to manage his own freedom.

The data on income distribution is subject to a basic understanding of statistics that is omitted from most reporting on the problem.  Our leaders also understand the data poorly.  Some data is selected to prove a political point rather than to illuminate a reality.  When the facts do not support the theory the demagogues hide the inconvenient facts and double down on the theory.

 Sometimes a man can meet his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. – from the film,  The International.

 Character builds a country- not the reverse.-  HKO

A strong nation is never built from weak individuals.- HKO (Spitzer? Weiner?)


 Policies that weaken individuals do not strengthen nations.- HKO

 “The more a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell

 It is one thing to speak truth to power: it is quite another to speak truth to fools.- HKO

 Without virgin territories and the physical safety barriers of the oceans, easily overcome with a zealot with a box knife, we are left to consider if the personal characteristics that made America unique and great will survive as a dominant political force.

 If there was any accountability to government our efforts to reduce poverty would be clearly labeled one fo the greatest failures fo government in history.  The good intentions of poverty programs that may have guided the motives of Lyndon Johnson has become a corrupt source of political power with high paid bureaucrats always justifying their jobs with a problem that will never go away and is thus always in need of more money.  We have created a poverty industry and business is booming.