Issues like the GZ Mosque provide excellent fodder for the talking heads of the right and the left because it provides them with demons, and they both prefer demons to solutions.

Demons get people worked up and when their blood gets worked up they listen, write, call and participate,  which sounds like “ka-ching” to the media.

Such convenient demons gets to prove to the left how prejudiced and narrow minded the right is and it serves to prove how naïve and unpatriotic the left is.  Such episodes just serves to fossilize convenient stereotypes.

But I would surmise that the great middle, which is becoming less loyal to either party couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the mosque. Nor could they care about whether Obama is a Muslim, where he was born, whether 9/11 was a conspiracy, or whether UFOs exist. This is all just noise for people who want a demon to punch rather  than to face the problems that require thought, decisions, and sacrifice.

That facts are that the real problems we face are difficult.  The depth of these issues are rarely addressed on any major network, because most people have become digital ADDs with an attention span that only lasts in the space from one text message to the next.

I would also guess that what will truly motivate the voters are concerns over unemployment, debt, the economy, the government fiddling with their health care, and the declines in their home equity values and 401k balances.

They are largely moving beyond black and white, male and female, young and old, and red and blue.  They realize that the same government that failed on so many levels is not likely to become better by becoming bigger.

The want common sense and they want their freedom. It may remain to be seen which party delivers this, but it isn’t the party in power now- or at least as we now know it.