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Ambitious Failure

from National Review, Theodore Dalrymple writes Islam’s Nightclub Brawl to explain why such violent jihadists (interesting that spell check for jihadists comes up ‘sadists’) come from Britain. Excerpts: Are there more British jihadis, for example, because the condition of Muslims in Britain…

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Muslim Diversity

I have to confess that much of the rhetoric from the right on Muslims in America has crossed a line that I find uncomfortable.  Much of this is centered around the controversies of the mosque proposed a few blocks away…

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Demon Fodder

Issues like the GZ Mosque provide excellent fodder for the talking heads of the right and the left because it provides them with demons, and they both prefer demons to solutions. Demons get people worked up and when their blood…

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High Risk Births in Michigan and Uganda

May is a high risk month to have a baby in Michigan and Uganda.  Why? Ramadan. Some parts of Michigan and parts of Uganda have a large Muslim population that fasts during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which runs…

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