As Churchill advocated taking Hitler at his written and spoken word,  Benjamin Netanyahu insists that Muslim radicals must be taken at their word.

Benjamin or ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly contained a moral clarity that belies a depth and experience absent from other world leaders, especially our own.

Before college Netanyahu joined an elite fighting unit that was a spearhead for the IDF. He led a retaliatory raid against perpetrators of the 1972 Munich Olympics, killing three of their leaders.  Bibi tried and failed in 1968 to capture Arafat for a 1968 mine attack of a busload of young Israelis.

He was part of a raid destroying 14 unoccupied planes at the Beirut International airport in retaliation for an attack on an El Al jet in Greece which killed an Israeli and wounded a stewardess.  In 1969 Egyptian forces were laying traps for the Israelis near the Suez Canal.  His team destroyed an Egyptian truck loaded with weapons, but a few days later Egyptian troops fired on Bibi’s rubber boat. Loaded with ammo belts he nearly drowned, until rescued by a naval commando who pulled him up by his hair.

Yoni Netanyahu

But most motivating was the loss of his brother at the Raid on Entebbe in 1976.  A crack team flew from Tel Aviv 2,500 miles to Uganda where Palestinian terrorists held 103 hostages after gentile passengers were released. The operation was an incredible success; all terrorists were killed, Uganda jets (Russian Migs) were destroyed on the ground, the Ugandan military was neutralized and all but 4 hostages were safely returned. The sole IDF casualty was Bibi’s brother, Jonathan, who was shot by a Ugandan sniper in the control tower.

Netanyahu attended high school near Philadelphia, got an undergraduate degree in architecture and a graduate degree in business management from MIT,  and worked for the Boston Consulting Group for two years. He understood supply side economics and became a political attaché for Israel in Washington during the Reagan years.

His father was a prominent historian and several of his uncles were successful in the steel business. His Uncle Zachary boasted that if he had not been born in Tel Aviv he may have become the first Jewish American President.

Netanyahu has published several books and is an authority on world terrorism. I highly recommend his website.

This is the depth that was displayed at the UN in clear unambivalent language. Compare this to the shallow experience and moral relativism of our president.

Netanyahu is a world leader in the mold of Winston Churchill.

most info from George Gilder’s  “The Israel Test”