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More Valuable than Oil

  Daniel Greenfield writes Terrorism Without End in Frontpagemag.com , 2/25/13: Excerpt:  Terrorism can never be defeated by fighting terrorists. Combine massive wealth in some parts of the Middle East with staggering poverty in other parts and the supply of…

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Ethnocentric Diplomacy

  Foreign affairs is the most difficult area of government policy.  To be effective it requires a continuity and consistency that transcends presidential terms.  Impatience serves us well as an entrepreneurial economic growth engine, but it is our Achilles heel…

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Entebbe- Another Reason to Remember July 4

An airline was hijacked to Uganda by  terrorists with 95 Jewish hostages on June 27th, 1976. On July 4th three planes landed in Israel with most of the hostages rescued after one of the most audacious  and successful raids in…

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911 Memorial Unveiled…. in Jerusalem

What does it say that this memorial was unveiled in Jerusalem while we still have a hole int he ground?  Remember which side of the ‘fence’ this was built on. Tips to Letty Kaplan

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Netanyahu and Churchill

As Churchill advocated taking Hitler at his written and spoken word,  Benjamin Netanyahu insists that Muslim radicals must be taken at their word. Benjamin or ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly contained a moral clarity that belies a…

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Terrorism Requires a New Legal Framework

The debate over the enhanced interrogation techniques is almost Orwellian.  It is torture? Of course it is.  So is listening to any number of talking head simplistic moralizers from either end of the spectrum.  It is torture and the difference…

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