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We Have Only Seen the Tip of the Iceberg

With all of the claims for diversity the one they need the most is intellectual diversity.  It is fine to discuss critical theory and Marxism but not without the balance of constitutional democracy and free markets.  It is shameful when graduates have studied Howard Zinn, Karl Marx, or Ibram Kindi but have never heard of Gordon Wood, Friedrich Hayek, or Thomas Sowell.  Hiring practices should seek a far more balanced faculty.

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MIT Wokeness

a just, democratic society requires equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal responsibility; it does not require equal outcomes.

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Obsolete Energy Policy

from Digital Trends, MIT students develop wearable cooling device that could make air conditioning obsolete The chief benefit of this device is that it offers a more personalized approach to temperature control, one that’s vastly more efficient than current heating

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Netanyahu and Churchill

As Churchill advocated taking Hitler at his written and spoken word,  Benjamin Netanyahu insists that Muslim radicals must be taken at their word. Benjamin or ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly contained a moral clarity that belies a

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