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Kavanaugh Postscript

Both sides think the results will improve their turnout. Women who have experienced abuse are sympathetic to Ford’s testimony, but I believe that the Kavanaugh victory is moving more votes left to right than the other way. The mob is a greater threat than an imperfect judicial process to most voters.

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Breitbart 2.0

The Kavanaugh travesty has united the right better than anything that Trump could have designed. It has clarified the opposition better than anything since Clarence Thomas.

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The Silver Lining from a Fractured Tea Party

From Erick Erickson at The Resurgent, The Tea Party is Dead. Good Riddance The tea party began through common cause and it died because too many of its members failed at discernment and, as a result, were betrayed from within and

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When the Revolution Goes Astray

  From Erick Erickson at The Resurgent, The Tea Party is Dead. Good Riddance As the anger grew within the tea party activists, something vital to their cause never did — discernment. Some activists decided they could make a quick

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When the Revolution Strays

Erick Erickson with a very good summary of the brief rise and fall of the Tea Party on his site, The Resurgent- The Tea Party is Dead. Good Riddance. The national tea party groups started fighting internally and with each

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