I have contended that the exhaustion with the thin skinned politically correct has been a major driver of support for Donald Trump. Cultural appropriation is nonsense.

The Wall Street Journal praised Susan Collins in ‘Susan Collins Consents’. They are blasted by a few leftist publications for trying to make it a double entendre joke, even though they used the phrase ‘advise and consent’ multiple times.

Trudeau corrected a speaker to use ‘personkind’ instead of ‘mankind’. His popularity is falling.

The major sign of a sane person is when they take responsibility for their own actions and mistakes. This is sorely missing from the left. They are turning on each other. Anxious to welcome Avenatti when they thought the sleaze ball was supporting their case, they now blame him for weakening it. Will they hold Diane Feinstein accountable for her egregious behavior as well? If they do she is toast in the next election. Her replacement is much further left.

Should multiple unsubstantiated allegations support each other? Perhaps if they were all believable, but Avenatti’s were so outrageous that it weakened the left’s case. Should multiple lies make the individual lies more believable? Folks, this is why we have due process. It was not a flippant idea. Many defense attorneys succeed by dismembering several allegations individually. No matter how many allegations you bring each one must stand on its own.

Both sides think the results will improve their turnout. Women who have experienced abuse are sympathetic to Ford’s testimony, but I believe that the Kavanaugh victory is moving more votes left to right than the other way. The mob is a greater threat than an imperfect judicial process to most voters.

Black women are more likely than white women to believe Ford, but what about black men? The left is betting on young turnout, but should they bet that young men are not worried how Kavanaugh was treated?

#BLM is accusing #MeToo of appropriation.  The unity of the left, long an advantage they had over Republicans, is fraying.  The Republicans have not been this unified in decades.

Black voter approval has increased for Trump. I do not know if the Jewish tilt left has changed. The Orthodox Jews are strong supporters of Trump, but this is not new. A shift of a few points in these groups has a large impact in a sharply divided electorate.

Polls are reducing the lead of the Democrats although they are still favored to take the House. If they fail to take the House, it would be a much greater defeat than losing to Donald Trump; there is no one left to blame but themselves.

The Senate, where the next justice will be confirmed, is now more safely in Republican hands.