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The Risk of Historical Determinism

The evolution of philosophy document so well in The Tyranny of Reason by Yuval Levin brought the dream of scientific reason to the social realm, expressed by Hegel that influenced Marx, the communists, and the fascists and to a much lesser extent, the progressives. It is expressed innocently as the arc of history or the right side of history.  Darwin provided the link from science to society, though he should not be held accountable for those who so bastardized his work. The ‘inevitability’ of history provided cover for the most brutal regimes of the last century.

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The One Place Republicans Cannot be Harassed

This political cancer that was ignored on our campuses is now malignant and the cure will be even more difficult. They can continue to deny a safe space to their opponents, but there is still one available that they are unwise to ignore.

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Political Thoughts 2016 02 09

Worth noting: Cruz stood against the ethanol special interest and still won Iowa. Rubio was smoked by Christy for sounding simplistic and scripted. But I remember a 45 minute unscripted interview from the Miami Herald in 2010 when he was…

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Wishful Thinking

  From The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King by Kevin Williamson in The National Review, We could save ourselves some time and argument by noting that the American electorate gives relatively little indication that it is on the verge of…

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Reason on Gibson Guitars

A Follow up on the Gibson Guitar raid under the Lacey Act:

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A Better Political Paradigm

The frustration with our deficit and spending is that we focus on the legislature. Massive spending cuts must come from the top down.  Elected representatives are judged by the spending they bring to their districts, not by their efforts to…

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