Worth noting:

Cruz stood against the ethanol special interest and still won Iowa.

Rubio was smoked by Christy for sounding simplistic and scripted. But I remember a 45 minute unscripted interview from the Miami Herald in 2010 when he was unheard of and given no chance against the entrenched Charlie Crist.  I remember it because he had such an impressive command of the issues and it exposed his depth.  You can watch it here:

The debates are too many and unrevealing.  They are all about ratings. They play to zingers and gotchas, not illumination or revelation. I would prefer to have a panel of diverse media interview a single candidate for an extended period- at least thirty minutes.  There would be less room for sound bites and more room for depth.

I read a good bit of American history and I cannot recall any president approaching this office with the ethical baggage Hillary brings.

I do not like the populist vacuum of Donald Trump, but I am more concerned about the millennials’ acceptance and embrace of Bernie Sanders.  Socialism and central planning, treating citizens like cogs in an economic machine is the worst idea to come out of the 20th century.  Perhaps the youth did not learn this in an education system more concerning about feelings and equality that history and basic economics. Perhaps they just do not like their alternatives.  Wealth creation is foreign to them .  Chickens come from supermarkets, not a farm.

I heard a killer line from Greg Gutfeld on The Five. “Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is like drinking anti-freeze because it looks like Gatorade.”

The GOP will focus as the field withers. So far Santorum threw his support for Rubio.  Trump is unlikely to get such support. Cruz has burned too many establishment bridges.  Rubio and the governors stand to gain.  The caveat is a Trump / Cruz coalition. But I have been so wrong in assessing the Trump phenomena that I may be overdue for getting one right.

I wonder how much of the support for Bernie is the appeal of his ideas and how much is just how repellent Hillary is.