The illiberalism, intolerance and political correctness that invaded our college campuses has clearly spread to the Potomac.

Students were allowed to shout down and disinvite speakers they disagreed with. To their credit Barak Obama and Michael Bloomberg and others on the left castigated these snowflakes, however mildly, but their uncivil tactics were tolerated and were often successful.

But what you tolerate you teach.

Outright violence and threats were rationalized and justified becauseā€¦.. Donald Trump. Rage was sanctioned. Violence in the service of social justice became accepted and too often even encouraged.

The right found their own safe space in the voting booth. Conservatives were not going to be baited and screamed at. Their absence was deemed a success, but Donald Trump was the result. Voters were appalled at the intolerance and violence from the left.

They are even more appalled at the attacks on elected and appointed officials in public. Simple family dinners with children are attacked by outraged mobs. Senators are screamed at in elevators. 100 protesters were hauled out of the Kavanaugh hearings. Instead of a call for tolerance and civility as Obama demonstrated, this behavior is encouraged by Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and other Congressional leaders.

This violence will not end well. The shooting of Steve Scalise and the physical attack on Rand Paul are warnings that we would be foolish to ignore. Violent language leads to violent action.

Doxxing, harassing, and threatening officials in their home and in public is intolerable to voters. Officials who encourage this behavior will not be trusted with the reins of power.

Maxine Waters and her fellow lunatics may be safe in her district, but she is damaging many other Democrats in theirs. She should be censured by Congress. Fellow Democrats who fail to reject this behavior deserve to lose.

This political cancer that was ignored on our campuses is now malignant and the cure will be even more difficult. They can continue to deny a safe space to their opponents, but there is still one safe space available they are unwise to ignore.