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The Bernie Sanders Threat

Bernie is the moral supremacist progressive of the first Progressive Era of 1900-1920 that reacted to the Gilded Age and inequality of that period. Bloomberg is the elite technocrat Progressive of the second Progressive Era of 1932-1980; beginning with the New Deal and ending with the Great Society. The irony of a “progressive” reclaiming old and exhausted positions from fifty to a hundred years ago is lost on most who accept progressivism.

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Political Thoughts 2020 02 16

The problem with greater federal power is no longer legitimacy but competence. The failure of the left to maintain control of their sacred institutions has not led them to decry it’s competence but to question its legitimacy; but by not supporting the institutions they relied on they have brought their own legitimacy into question.

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The One Place Republicans Cannot be Harassed

This political cancer that was ignored on our campuses is now malignant and the cure will be even more difficult. They can continue to deny a safe space to their opponents, but there is still one available that they are unwise to ignore.

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My Political Priorities

But we can not blame Trump for the intolerance of free speech on our college campuses, the intolerance for diverse opinions in many corporations and in the media, and the stupidity of much of the resistance.

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