Speaking personally the two political priorities for me are economics and free speech.

The big economic issue for me is the debt.  Lower taxes are only important to the extent they serve economic growth.  Reducing the debt requires economic growth and entitlement control. We can not raise taxes enough to feed the entitlement state. I would prefer taxes that are low, broad, and simple, with the fewest deductions and credits possible. We should aim for a special interest spread that is zero. Every special credit and deduction interferes with capital allocation and ultimate economic growth.

The Hong Kong example shows that if you prioritize growth over social spending, over the long haul you will have more of both.

Both parties are hesitant to attack social spending- entitlements- in a meaningful way. The political cost is so high that it will require either an exceptional communicator or a leader with no concern for re-election.  I will vote against anyone of either party who demagogues this issue.

The intolerance for opposing viewpoints is a worrisome trend. Without reasoned and civil debate we become more partisan. By closing the Overton Window, we reduce what is acceptable.  Acceptable opinions are demonized without discussion. Outrage replaces curiosity; virtue signaling replaces thinking.

Trump is accused of demonizing the press, but much of it is caused by their own bias and poor reporting.  I do not think we risk losing a free press, we risk losing an effective and fair press.

We can not blame Trump for the intolerance of free speech on our college campuses, the intolerance for diverse opinions in many corporations and in the media, and the stupidity of much of the ‘resistance’.

Obama, Bloomberg and many of my liberal friends have spoken against this illiberalism on the left. It should be greeted with the harshest response.  This has occurred as endowments have fallen sharply at many colleges and universities with calloused attitudes toward free speech. They should risk losing federal funding unless they clarify and enforce a zealous free speech policy.  Students who violate it should be immediately expelled.

We need a free press, but we also need a responsible press. Criticism of the latter does not negate the first.