At Stumbling on the Truth Cliff Asness points to the opportunities Trump missed at the first debate in Businessman, Defend Thyself:

The next Clinton statement was truly bizarre. “Trickle down did not work,” she said. “It got us into the mess we were in 2008-2009.” We can all debate “trickle down” economics—including my view that it’s a good marketing line for statists but doesn’t represent what small-government advocates actually propose, or what they think happens when taxes are lowered on everyone, not just the “rich.” But, few think that a main cause of the global financial crisis was the Bush tax cuts. The Left thinks that it was Wall Street and deregulation (mostly they blame Bill Clinton’s deregulation, by the way). The Right thinks that it was too-loose monetary policy and misguided federal housing incentives warping the real-estate market. Let the debate rage on. But few, other than Clinton, seem to believe that the only cause worth citing is “trickle-down economics.” Again, Trump didn’t say a word to clarify (or make her clarify) this bizarre and intentionally divisive political accusation.


I recall how ignorant that statement sounded when she made, but it is still swallowed by the left. As Asness noted in the beginning of his post we need “idea” checking more than “fact” checking.