There is little in the e-mail releases that surprises me.  They only confirm what those outside of the Clinton bubble already knew.  She has had a long history of lies while living in an ethical vacuum. She has long shown contempt for the common man and arrogance towards all others.  This was known long before the e-mail scandal.

What is new and far more worrisome is what else this sordid episode tells us.

1.  The civil service sector is broken. She should never have been allowed to set up her own server and violate the most basic security protocols. This failure is serious and so far rarely addressed.

2.  Wikileaks had to do the job the press would not.  There has been enough suspicious activity in the Clinton Foundation to alert every media outlet. What few stories were run received little attention because the Clinton sycophants elected otherwise.  Ironically, the very press that sought to cover for her led to the downfall of her party by allowing her to advance without the scrutiny she clearly merited.

3. Turns out character does count.  Bill was excused for his sordid behavior because it was only sex.  What we tolerate we teach. What we teach we reap.  Weiner shows clearly what we should have already known.  Character does count. If you can not control your basic urges, what other behaviors are you unable to control? How can this be used against you in office by nefarious adversaries?

4.Even if she wins, she loses.  This affair will tarnish her and make her entire term a lame duck experience.  She could face impeachment far faster than her husband.  What a proud family they must be.

Just last week we thought the GOP was the dysfunctional party.  I cursed the GOP for nominating such a weak candidate that they were going to allow Hillary to win.  There were many Republicans who publicly denounced Trump.  Where are the Democrats with similar integrity?