Kevin Williamson in The National Review, The Irredeemables Hillary Clinton and the politics of leftist condescension

Actual, indisputable racism has become so rare that we have had to invent exotic new versions of it, such as “white privilege” and expressions of bias so surpassingly subtle that when a black police officer shoots a black criminal in an overwhelmingly black city with a black police commissioner and a black mayor, the real underlying question is — of course — white racism. Developing a sommelier’s nose for prejudice is a large part of what is sometimes known as “virtue-signaling” — performative moralizing meant mainly to increase the status of the critic — though that term has come into disfavor through overuse. (E.g.: “I find it difficult to take you seriously while you’re wearing that swastika armband.” “Virtue-signaling! He’s virtue-signaling! Look, everybody, virtue-signaling!” Etc.)