from Jonah Goldberg at National Review, The Bogeymen of the ‘Billionaire Class’:

The simple fact is that almost everywhere you look, the super-rich are being stymied by democracy. In 2014, David Brat, an unknown academic, defeated the second-most-powerful Republican in Congress, then–House majority leader Eric Cantor, even though Cantor spent more money on steak dinners than Brat did on his whole campaign. The recent referendum on marijuana legalization in Ohio was lavishly funded — and failed. And just a reminder: Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney and his plutocrat pals.

Those evil corporations aren’t faring much better. We constantly hear about their vise grip on Washington, yet we still have the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world (not counting United Arab Emirates). Big corporations rightly want to be able to repatriate their profits earned overseas without being taxed on them again. (Most countries allow corporations to pay taxes on profits solely in the jurisdictions where they were earned.) And yet they can’t get it done. Even the dreaded Koch brothers, those supposed super-villains, have failed to buy the policies they prefer.

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