From Jonah Goldberg at National Review, Hillary Clinton’s Enabler-in-Chief

The journalist turned Clinton White House courtier is in the news because he shows up in Clinton’s e-mails — a lot. (Roughly a third of the last e-mail dump contains e-mail between them.) When first asked about her correspondence with Blumenthal, Clinton insisted he was merely “an old friend” who occasionally sent “unsolicited” e-mail.

That was a lie. It turns out that then–Secretary of State Clinton was in near-constant contact with Blumenthal, urging the head of her “secret spy network” (ProPublica’s term) to supply her with information and political advice, mostly about Libya. “Thanks for keeping this stuff coming!” was how she put it in one typical reply.

Nor was he simply acting as an “old friend” either. He was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation to the tune of $10,000 a month. Media Matters, a self-described media watchdog that serves as Clinton’s shadow communications operation, paid him $200,000 a year.

Clinton had no choice but to run Blumenthal off the books because the Obama administration banned him. Then–White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel — who in the 1990s nicknamed Blumenthal “G.K.” for “grassy knoll” — knew to keep the conspiracy-minded aide at arm’s length. It probably never occurred to him that Clinton would go to such lengths to keep her factotum on the team.

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