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Blumenthal Clinton Connections

From Jonah Goldberg at National Review, Hillary Clinton’s Enabler-in-Chief The journalist turned Clinton White House courtier is in the news because he shows up in Clinton’s e-mails — a lot. (Roughly a third of the last e-mail dump contains e-mail

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Sensitive But Unclassified

from the New York Times,A Closer Look at Hillary Clinton’s Emails on Benghazi by Michale Schmidt: From 2011 to 2012, Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime friend and confidant who was a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign,

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Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton

from the Wall Street Journal, Who is Sidney Blumenthal?: excerpts: They reinforce, for starters, that the Clinton Foundation is not and never has been a charity. Bill and Hillary created it in 2001 as a vehicle to assist their continuing

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