The first law of bureaucracy is to protect the bureaucracy. Success must be continuously redefined as to be unattainable in order to protect their funding.  Failure is synonymous with under funding and results not in change but in expansion of the failed enterprise.

Bureaucracies will even thumb their nose at the law and basic principles of government as we now see with the IRS.  This should be an outrage to any true liberal. HKO

There is a myth that big problems require big and complex solutions, yet it is the complexity that is often the problem and government solution often compound the problem by adding more complexity.  A good government has to understand its limitations. HKO

Common sense skepticism should pause for a 97% consensus on ANYTHING, especial a subject as variable and uncertain as climate.  This is like the 99% percent of the vote that tyrants claim in sham elections and like sham elections this deliberately false consensus comes with raw intimidation and the squelching of dissent.  HKO

  A true liberal should be more concerned about the government growth and power.  It is a far greater threat to our liberty than the fortunes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergi Brin or even the Koch brothers. HKO

Our financial system is man made; controlled by laws passed by legislators, administered by some very educated bureaucrats , and often staffed by Phds. We have numerous agencies from the SEC to the FDIC to the Fed to Fannie Mae and many more.  Our financial system is designed and run by the top minds in business.  Every lever and every action is in the hands of some of the smartest  men and women  in the country. Yet few predicted or were able to protect us against odds that led to the collapse of our very man controlled financial system.  The history of our financial system is filled with such failures.

Yet we are supposed to believe that a climate system that is well beyond the control of man, and far more interrelated and complicated than our financial system can be known and predicted with such a high degree of certainty that we should make wholesale changes in our economy and our lives or face catastrophic consequences. HKO

 Think of deficit spending like chemotherapy.  For a specific, serious, and properly diagnosed illness consuming toxic medicine may increase your chance of survival; but we acknowledge that the application of this solution has serious side effects and must be limited.  Otherwise, the cure can be much worse than the disease.

We also understand that never ending consumption of the chemotherapy can be fatal.  Even if it was successful at preventing cancer, the risk and the cost would be unacceptable. HKO 

Political self interest is more dangerous than economic self interest because the perpetrators are rarely held accountable to its victims.  An expansive system of government control is fertilizer to lobbyists and special interests.  It has gotten so large that the legislative process has been turned over to a bureaucratic class that  never has to stand for election and thus be held accountable to voters.  This bureaucracy writes over 200 rules that affect our routine activities for every piece of legislation that passes. HKO