“Those today who dismiss Western democracy as ‘broken’ – and I hear their lamentations with growing frequency – are wrong to yearn for some kind of Beijing model of a one-party state in which decisions are taken by technocrats on the basis of five-year plans. It was the same system that gave China both Special Economic Zones and the One-Child Policy: the former a success, the latter a disaster, the full costs of which are as yet incalculable.”

Excerpt From: Ferguson, Niall. “The Great Degeneration.” Penguin Group, USA, 2013-05-15. iBooks.

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Capitalism is the competition of ideas.  Statist solutions are the opposite.  Statist solutions would be better if they always picked the best ideas, but in the absence of competition  we never know what the best ideas are.  It is ironic that those who push statist solutions pretend to be concerned for the common man, yet trust him least to manage his own freedom.