“Paradoxically, as technologies get smarter, the maneuvering space for interpretation—what Oakeshott thought would bring cooks in touch with the world of practices and traditions—begins to shrink and potentially disappear entirely. New, smarter technologies make it possible to finally position, as it were, the cookery book’s instructions outside the tradition; almost no knowledge is required to cook with their help. Today’s technologies are no longer dumb, passive appliances. Some of them feature tiny, sophisticated sensors that “understand”—if that’s the right word—what’s going on in our kitchens and attempt to steer us, their masters, in the right direction. Here is modernity in a nutshell: We are left with possibly better food but without the joy of cooking.”

Excerpt From: Morozov, Evgeny. “To Save Everything, Click Here.” PublicAffairs, 2013-01-17. iBooks.

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