When I hear what passes for political thought in the media I wonder who these people are talking to.  Do you really think that there is a war on women in this country?  Do you really think that racism is getting worse?

Do you really think that the Buffet Rule will have any meaningful impact on our financial problems? Do you really think that any company can be directed to provide any product or service for free and it will not cost somebody?

Do you really think that the argument is whether to have  fascist state controlled economy or economic anarchy?  Do you think the argument is between confiscatory taxes or no taxes?

Political conversation has degenerated into juvenile simplicity.  The dialogues defer to populism from either side.  There is a preference for demons rather than solutions, and saints rather than sacrifice.

There is not an inconsistency between the concept of unlimited opportunities and limited resources.  In fact refusal to recognize the limits of power and resources limits our opportunities.  Witness the European reckoning.

Our political institutions are critical to serving our economic institutions.  It is our understanding of this relationship that has is the reason our economy has grown so dynamically and so many others have not.

When we get this backward- when we pursue our economic institutions to serve our political institutions- as this administration proposes, then we risk pouring sugar into the fuel tank of our economic engine.

It has been our electoral process and our ability to remove from office those that abuse our institutions for their own gain and self interest that has kept us from going down the path pursued by less dynamic economies.  I hope the next election is up to the task.