The Pelosi Congress ignored the voices of the opposition, squelched debate, ran roughshod over the law and proper procedure, and bent every rule to accomplish goals devoid of public support.  When asked about constitutional basis for the mandate of her health care bill she famously replied “are you kidding me?” rather than give a serious answer to a serious question. We had to pass the bill to know what was in it, and when we did by the most narrow of the most partisan vote, we found what was in it and the federal judges, the states and the people rejected it.

The November routing of the Democrats was a rejection of the Pelosi government, but her style of government is at play in the Wisconsin mobs with her full support.  The legislators who have abandoned their seats, effectively shutting down the state government, have shown as much contempt for the voters as Pelosi,  and I predict it will yield the same results.  It will drive more and more independents away from the Democratic party.

Franklin Roosevelt warned of the outcome of unionized public workers.  Undoing the unsustainable benefits of these greedy, self centered, power craving unions is needed to balance the budgets, and supported by the voters.  Is it not enough that the voters spoke last November?

But the loudest votes were at the state level and Pelosi’s contempt for voters is now playing at that level.  The unions have confused their quest for money and power with the quest for freedom in Cairo. There is a big difference:  In Egypt the voters were protesting to be heard. In Madison they are protesting to ignore the voters.