It is hard to tell how the uprisings in the Arab world will turn out, but it is interesting to note that the demonstrators are angry at their own government and not blaming the state of Israel for their problems. This may be a good thing.

This does not mean the beginning of an Arab Israeli love-fest. Their  people have been poisoned from decades of Jew hatred from their imams. But it may mean that Israel has become less relevant to their lives. The same people who have grown intolerant of their tyrants may be less likely to embrace destructive wars in which they have to fight and suffer. As these newly empowered young voters  take the reins of power they will seek the freedoms embraced in the modern world by nations that have long passed them in economic growth and modernization.

There will be setbacks and stumbles, such as the election of Hamas in Gaza. But perhaps this revolution started when the people of Iraq braved threats and voted in mass. Those purple fingers may have ignited the revolutions we are now witnessing.

A free people will hopefully be more consumed in building their own nations, educating their own people, and creating their own economy than falsely demonizing Israel as the source of all their problems.  The quest for democracy may do more to bring peace to the Middle East than all of the disappointing initiatives by nearly every American president since Israeli independence.