1. Eliminate the home mortgage deduction, or at least cap it at $30,000.
2. Means test Social Security and Medicare Benefits.
3. Raise the Retirement age by 1 month per year until the retirement age increases to 69 years old.
4. Allow everyone under age 55 to privatize a portion of their social security, say ΒΌ.
5. Cap the property exemption for churches at $100 million.
6. Allow the expensing of all capital purchases under $500,000.
7. Increase 401 K maximum contribution percentages.
8. Increase annual allowances for Health Savings Accounts.
9. Eliminate the corporate deduction for health insurance- encourage individuals to own their own policies and get the employer out of the health insurance business.
10. Tax everyone at a 5% rate for the first $30,000 in income, and then tax all of the earned income above $30,000 at 25%.
11. Eliminate the first $100,000 of dividend and capital gains income from taxes- tax the rest at 20%.

For those who think I should run for office- these proposals alone would keep me from any serious consideration.