Israel is sending in the ground troops to Gaza. Hamas which shrieks outrage over Israel’s defense has routinely attacked Israeli civilians for years. Faced with the opportunity to build an independent Palestinian state they chose instead to wage constant terrorist attacks against its legitimate neighbor.

Like cowards Hamas hides weapons in mosques, schools and civilian neighborhoods- preying on Israel’s humanity. Wounded Palestinian civilians are treated in Israeli hospitals, yet every drop of their blood is on the hands of Hamas.

Charles Krauthammer wrote correctly that there are few military engagements as black and white; as right and wrong as this one. Palestinian society has been poisoned by years of anti-Semitism, so vicious that it would have made the Hitler Youth blush.

I lament the civilian casualties in Gaza as I lament the citizens of Ashkelon and Sderot who have lived under non stop rocket attacks from these barbaric monsters for years.

My gratitude goes out to the incredible soldiers of the IDF who will face the enemy in Gaza, and their families. I hope they keep the 72 virgins in Islamic heaven very busy.