Occasionally I hold up in a hotel room in Atlanta (The Intercontinental) for a few days to enjoy some silence, read, and organize quietly. I sleep a lot, take a lot of showers and read. I even read a paper and watch some TV that I rarely see. I may go for a walk on Peachtree with a cigar but it is just too damn hot outside. At 9:oo PM it is an instant sweat.

I watched Glenn Beck. He mentioned a blind woman got a hole in one (on the golf course in case you needed that clarification). She even learned the game while blind. There is just nothing one needs to add to that.

He also mentioned a man counted from one to a million on a typewriter. If that was not a big enough waste of time he took 16 years to do it again this time spelling the numbers out instead of just typing the numerical symbols.

If I had known television had this much interesting information I would watch it more. It is so much better than hearing about Linsey Lohan and Paris Hilton driving drunk.