Defiling the Government Faith

“But the truth is that, with or without Trump’s reign of chaos, the 20th-century project of enlightened and comprehensive statism is not sustainable for the long run. The welfare programs are drying up and their plans have constantly proven unviable and unworkable. We live in a world in which the miracles of the private commercial sector are all around us, while the failures of statism are everywhere present as well.”

Progressive Wolf Mongering

“In other words, in our polarized times, finding the proper sense of proportion might be among your greatest patriotic duties. Save your fury for a real crisis. “

Sex and Power

This leads to the true motivation.  This is about sexual abuse, but sex is just the instrument. The motivation is the ultimate aphrodisiac: power.  These abusers on the left and the right indicate they can not be trusted with power.  Their thrill is the use of power.

The Rejection of Ideology

Voters respond to tribal and cultural cues more than ideology. They respond to demons and saviors more than ideas. I find this unsettling, but a reality that must be accepted in the competition of ideas.  Ideas must be expressed in a way that connects culturally. FDR and Reagan accomplished this but it is very uncommon.

Sexual Politics

What you tolerate, you teach.  Democrats have no moral authority to hold Moore and Trump accountable to behavior they have long tolerated, but I would much prefer that their opposition not join them in the gutter they dug.

Psychological Threat to Conservatism

The biggest threats to conservatism are psychological, not demographic, trends. As an actual philosophy of life and not just a low-resolution tribal marker, conservatism thrives when people are mentally resilient, self-reliant, and strongly invested in the interpersonal bonds that make small government viable: family, friends, and community. At the national level, all of these psychological characteristics are in decline, and with them, so is principled conservatism.

The High Cost of Good Intentions – A Book Review

The result of this history is that entitlements have expanded far beyond assisting the poor. Many of the benefits go to beneficiaries far above the poverty line. Congress has proven totally untrustworthy in managing surpluses or trust funds or maintaining a sound financial basis.   The explosion in entitlements is the primary driver of the post-World War II debts.

Government and The Golden Rule

“But it is time for our bureaucrats — before they engage in partisan expression or partisan giving — to ask, “What would a reasonable partisan opponent think of my conduct?” It’s time for bureaucrats to apply a governmental version of the Golden Rule. Should I inflict on others the kinds of suspicions that I’d feel myself if the roles were reversed?”

Subjects and Citizens

from The John Conyers Abdication by Ben Shapiro at National Review: Americans love to mock the British for their addiction to royalty. But the fact is that we have created our own version of royalty in our politics, right down…

The Deficit- Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven, Nobody Wants to Die

from Jonah Goldberg at National Review, How to Tell When Deficits are Bad As a matter of economic policy, conservatives believe that the people themselves are better at spending their money than the government is. Cutting taxes and regulations drives economic…

The Perversion of the Risk Pool

Kevin Williams writes on health insurance The Private Option- Back to Square One in National Review.   We have written about the problem with cross subsidization driving up costs, the perverted incentives of third party payers and the tax incentives to…

Health Care Reform in 21 Words

In 2010 during the health care debate Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall (GA- my district) published an article in National Review about increasing consumer pressure on health care.  Read Real Health Care Reform- Why America must move away from its third-party-payer…

The Price of Rage

by Henry Oliner One of a few themes that I return to in this blog is the fascination with poor decisions from very intelligent people. It has led me from  reading history to reading about the way we think and…

The Hillary Factor

by Henry Oliner Did Donald Trump win the election, or did Hillary Clinton lose it?  It may seem irrelevant, but it does have bearing on the midterms. Hillary’s likability is used as a cloak to obscure severe character flaws and…

The Difficulty of Entitlement Reform

by Henry Oliner I have begun reading The High Cost of Good Intentions-  A History of U.S. Federal Entitlement Programs by John F. Cogan.  It is an impressive look at the problem. Entitlements go back to the Revolutionary War. Limited…

Economic Superstition

Presidents get too much credit and blame for an economy as if it turns on a dime the moment they are elected.  The right want to credit Trump for the sharp rise since he was elected, but attributes no credit…

Rebel Yid Tax Proposal 2017 11 29

A flat 5% rate ON ALL INCOME. Earned, unearned, dividends, capital gain, muni bond, treasuries. THEN A $10,000 personal exemption. $20,000 per couple. A 10% tax on all earned income above that. The first $100,000 of dividends and investment income…

Tax Thoughts 2017 11 29

by Henry Oliner Corporate tax cuts are opposed because the company will not spend it as the political brokers wish.  There is no guarantee they will use it to create jobs.  But having a more competitive tax rate may make…

Character and Conspiracy

by Henry Oliner The stream of sexual predatory behavior since Weinstein has the usual media suspects struggling for an explanation.  While several players from the right are scarred- Roy Moore, Bill O’Reilly, and Donald Trump- the surprise is the deluge…

Clarifying Capitalism

From Andy Kessler in The Wall Street Journal, Quit Modifying Capitalism (paywall) State Sponsored Capitalism (China) Casino Capitalism (Bernie Sanders) Sustainable Capitalism (Al Gore) Patrimonial Capitalism (Piketty) Surveillance Capitalism ( new one for me-  Ivy League origin) Popular Capitalism Conscious Capitalism (John…