Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”- Voltaire

When Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery found the death camps in Germany, they ordered crews to film the piles of bodies and emaciated survivors, fearing otherwise no one would believe the depths of depravity the enemy was capable of.  Only two generations later Netanyahu faced the same task for the same reason.  With less shame than their Nazi predecessors this generation of sadistic perpetrators posted their own savagery on Facebook.

As long as the illiberal woke crowd only engaged in their historical revisionism and preferred narratives they were tolerated, but when this led to support of wholesale slaughter of innocents it became a bridge too far.  Alumni are pulling their funds and students are avoiding schools that are plagued with such rudderless leadership.  Political lines are drawn.

Social justice grifters in all their forms were easy prey for the Jew haters.  It was just the next logical step. Periods of revisionism and moral ambiguity are breeding grounds for antisemitism and other forms of social and moral rot.  It is too soon to predict how long this recoil will last, but we are certainly clearer how far the absurdities of the left can go.

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