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Why Social Media is a Sucker for Bad Reporting

The point is that the subject is much more complicated than most are willing to accept. Even the most respected journalists are seduced more by the political angle than accuracy and open mindedness.  This travesty is multiplied thousands of times on the social media by the lazy who read for confirmation rather than information.

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Churchill’s Road to Serfdom

From National Review, Lion to the Last by Larry Arnn: Excerpts: In June 1945, a month after the Germans’ surrender, with the general-election campaign under way, Winston Churchill gave a 21-minute speech by radio. He was 70 years old. To the shock

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Natural, Rare and Necessary

From National Review, Lion to the Last by Larry Arnn: Excerpts: Churchill agreed with the socialists, partially, on one issue: He helped invent the social safety net. But he looked for ways to implement it without threatening the free-market system,

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