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Economic Observations and the Middle Class

Corporate earnings are improving, but unemployment remains high.  These are not unrelated. As the weak economy has held down wage increases, this alone will translate into lower costs and better profits. But this is true only if high competitive pressures…

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More New Jobs, Higher Unemployment?

The unemployment numbers show 290,000 new jobs yet the unemployment rate went up from 9.7 to 9.9%.   How can this be? 800,000 new workers entered the workforce that were therefore not included in the unemployment numbers previously Some say this…

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The Job Creation Myth

I am constantly amazed at how sitting political leaders and naive citizens think that the government can create jobs. If the government could create jobs why would we ever tolerate any unemployment?  Either the leaders are economically ignorant or liars.…

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The Boom in Federal Salaries

from National Review- “the Good and Bad of It” by Larry Kudlow “According to Chris Edwards at Cato, there are now 383,000 federal workers earning six-figure salaries, and 22,000 earning salaries over $170,000; the number of civil servants making $100,000…

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