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Doing Stupid Shit at the UN

from Mona Charen at National Review, A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy “There are 2.75 million Palestinians living in the West Bank,” Kerry thundered, without explaining why their misfortune is more urgent than that of 4.8 million Syrian refugees who are living in…

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Juden Free Palestine

The UN resolution, allowed to pass by the abstention of the United States vote, makes Israeli settlements in The West Bank illegal under international law.  It is not easily reversed because a veto from China or Russia would block it. …

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How the UN Spreads Anti-Semitism

The organization of politics against Israel had moved from the Middle East into the world arena. Outrages became bolder year by year: Cuba, which jails people for circulating the Human Rights Declaration, became vice chair of the U.N. Human Rights…

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