The UN resolution, allowed to pass by the abstention of the United States vote, makes Israeli settlements in The West Bank illegal under international law.  It is not easily reversed because a veto from China or Russia would block it.  This paves the ground for legal actions against Israel that further isolates the sole Jewish state in the world. Rather than a path for peace, this action incentivizes further conflict in the Middle East.

One need only to look at the response from the Palestinians after the evacuation of the Gaza Strip.  Israeli settlements were painfully evacuated and the end results was a rain of missiles on Israel that ceased only after military action. Delay may be a better word. The world wanted a Juden Free Gaza, and learned nothing from the experience.

The United Nations now insists that The West Bank become Juden Free.  Obama and Samantha Powers obliged. Whether their action was done in spite to Trump’s involvement or out of severely flawed policy, peace is not the likely outcome. As long as the Palestinian Authority can get the United Nations to act on their behalf, they have less of an incentive to negotiate with Israel.  They have less of an incentive to recognize Israel and renounce terrorism.  This biased resolution required nothing from the Palestinians.

Muslims and Arabs have property rights and voting rights in Israel. Israeli Arabs have seats in the Knesset.  Yet the United Nations had no problem allowing a Palestinian State or territory to be declared Juden Free.

Obama and Powers are trying to appease a population that will not be satisfied until all of Israel is Juden Free.