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The First Duty of Intelligent Men

The 24-hour news cycle and its ubiquitous media brings every detail of every issue and policy to us.  Debates limit responses to critical issues to two minutes. Congressional hearings for cabinet nominees are similarly limited.  This precious time is wasted

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Why Is This Hatred Different from All Other Hatreds?

by Henry Oliner The commemoration of the holocaust during Yom Hashoah tries to understand a tragedy that defies human comprehension. Some organizations proposing to fight anti-Semitism tend to descend into the mission creep of fighting hatred in general. It is

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The New Frontier

In the United States today we are facing the usual calculus of impossibility, recited by the familiar aspirants to a master plan.  It is said we must abandon economic freedom because our frontier is closed; because our biosphere is strained;

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Beyond Demand and Supply

A debate between the relative merits of a demand side and supply side stimulus is an oversimplification of the dynamics of our economy.  Is our economy more demand driven or supply driven? The answer, like so many answers to questions

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