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Clinton’s Security Risk

Gordon Crovitz at the Wall Street Journal writes Clinton’s Information Lockdown The private email server was only semiprivate: Putin likely has  everything. No public official since LBJ has gone as far as Hillary Clinton to evade public-disclosure laws. In 2010 her adviser Huma

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Mastering the Message and the Method

Erick Erickson writes in Red State The Incestuous Bleeding of the Republican Party, 11/28/12.  It is a thoroughly researched piece on how the GOP is run by consultants who get paid a fortune and perform very poorly.  This point is also made

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Modern Marketing and Political Victory

Gordon Crovitz writes Obama’s ‘Big Data’ Victory in The Wall Street Journal, 11/18/12 Excerpt: Campaign manager Jim Messina pledged to “measure every single thing in this campaign” and built an analytics department five times the size of the 2008 effort.

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