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“I Don’t Like the Republicans, but I Can’t Stand the Democrats”

The 2018 midterms are an important test.  Was the humiliating loss of Hillary to Trump only because of her incompetence and corruption or is the party itself out of touch?  The House races are the first opportunity to begin recovering from this loss. If the Democrats fail to take the House, it will be a far more devastating defeat than losing to Donald Trump.

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Character and Conspiracy

by Henry Oliner The stream of sexual predatory behavior since Weinstein has the usual media suspects struggling for an explanation.  While several players from the right are scarred- Roy Moore, Bill O’Reilly, and Donald Trump- the surprise is the deluge…

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Aggression vs Ideas

O’Reilly, Ailes, and the Toxic Conservative-Celebrity Culture from David French at National Review What followed was a toxic culture of conservative celebrity, where the public elevated personalities more because of their pugnaciousness than anything else. Indeed, the fastest way to…

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