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The Excitement Bias

“We saw that the bias in psychological research is in favour of publishing exciting results. An exciting result in psychology is one that tells us that something has a large effect on people’s behavior. And the things that the studies that have failed to replicate have found to have large effects on people’s behavior are not necessarily things that ought to affect people’s behaviour, were those people rational. “

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Outrage Peddlers

Bias is as much a product of what is covered as what is not, as much a product of the frequency as the content, and as much a product of the context as the facts.

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Media Malpractice.

It is not news that big media is politically biased.  The recent Netanyahu election was predicted to be close if not actually a defeat for the leader. He won by a substantial margin. That they were so wrong in their

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Racists, Bigots and Culturalists

I was listening to Neal Boortz while on the treadmill the other day and the talkmaster was answering a caller’s question about the difference between racism and bigotry. Racism is belief in the superiority of once race over another.  A

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