It is not news that big media is politically biased.  The recent Netanyahu election was predicted to be close if not actually a defeat for the leader. He won by a substantial margin.

That they were so wrong in their prediction by a wide margin, should call into question whether the media in their predictions are incompetent or willfully trying to influence the outcome.  Their errors like this are becoming numerous and their calls seem to be in error always in one direction; that the conservative candidate will perform worse than they do.

In the recent 2014 races big media predicted Georgia Senator David Perdue’s race with Michelle Nunn was too close to call.  Perdue won by a handy margin. The same prediction and result occurred with their prediction of Jason Carter and Governor Nathan Deal.

Clearly just predicting the outcome desired did not achieve the results they may have wanted, but to do so from the pulpit of the national media under the guise of objective news and reporting is more than a common or careless error.  Ironically,  to make such unprofessional and biased predictions and be so wrong so often will reduce any likelihood they have to influence either the public, the voters, or the outcome. They would likely contend that was not their objective anyway.  It also reduces any respect the public has for these media outlets.