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Doing Stupid Shit at the UN

from Mona Charen at National Review, A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy “There are 2.75 million Palestinians living in the West Bank,” Kerry thundered, without explaining why their misfortune is more urgent than that of 4.8 million Syrian refugees who are living in…

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The Rejection Election

from Kimberly Strassel in The WSJ, Trump’s Secret Weapon:Obama  All along this election has been portrayed as a referendum on Mr. Trump. Tuesday’s results are far better viewed as a thundering repudiation, at every level, of Mr. Obama’s governing and…

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Political Thoughts 2016 08 15

Did Donald Trump insinuate a call for the assassination of Hillary Clinton? No.  Get real. Did he literally claim that Obama created Isis, as if sitting at a table with the rag heads and saying, “follow me guys, I have…

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Lessons Unwanted

Bret Stephens writes in The Wall Street Journal, Obama Needs to Call Bush Excerpts: Maybe President Obama also calls Mr. Bush every now and then, just to talk, and one day we’ll find out about it. But I suspect not.…

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