Did Donald Trump insinuate a call for the assassination of Hillary Clinton?

No.  Get real.

Did he literally claim that Obama created Isis, as if sitting at a table with the rag heads and saying, “follow me guys, I have this idea…. Are you in?”

No. Although he has been so ignorant of so many other areas of policy and history that he could possibly have believed that Isis did not come into existence until Obama pulled out of Iraq, which of course is not close to being true.

Was he stupidly insensitive about his remarks over the Khan family over the loss of their Muslim son who died in combat fighting for the U.S.?

Yes, but only slightly more that his insult of John McCain, and while I do not excuse his boorishness he was not the one who brought them into the political fray.  He was just too stupid to ignore it.

It is just the tendency of the left to assume the most outlandish possible interpretation of these remarks and then the media feeds on it for weeks.  And Trump plays to this foolishness every time he opens his mouth.

And the right also wastes valuable time on this kind of theatrics such as when they were hyper about Obama’s citizenship or whether he was/is a Muslim (should it matter?). I remember a post of a picture of Obama boarding Airforce One with a copy of The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria in his hand indicating he was planning to diminish the role of the U.S. in world affairs.  I also have a copy of this book on my shelf.

It would be supremely naïve to expect the media or the voters to get beyond all this nonsense and actually talk about issues and policies.  I think Obama’s policies are terrible and that is what we should be addressing.  I think Hillary’s economic plan is a pile of naïve and meaningless platitudes and wishful thinking with little reality or substance.  Much of it is more of the same of the worst of the past. Her ethical vacuum and corruption, however, is fair game.

That is not an endorsement of Trump who combines a fragile ego that is dangerous with an incredible ignorance of the job he seeks. The Republican Party in a miraculous display of political malpractice saw fit to nominate this disaster. The best we can say is that he is an unknown but there is little to observe in his behavior that brings much comfort in that thin advantage.  Perhaps his economic policy is better but there is little to suggest that he would either stay with it or know how to activate it.

The first rule in growing a business is to keep the customers you have. Trump began by tearing his party apart and criticizing all of the leadership of the party he represents, turning Reagan’s first commandment on its head.  In doing so he has lost the entire intellectual wing of the GOP and much of the independents with them.  Even after winning the nomination he continues to attack the few allies he has.  Add to this the insulting of entire demographic groups and  he almost assures a McGovern type debacle.

The only thing even keeping him afloat is the nauseating consideration of the inept and corrupt Clinton winning.  She is criticized for so few press conferences, and rumors spring about her physical condition.  Bull, the best strategy she can deploy is to shut up and let Donald talk.  Dick Army once advised not to waste time killing someone busy committing suicide.

The Trumpers are already laying blame for his defeat, but he has no one to blame but himself and the fools who fell for his populism.

This contest is between intellectualism and ideas and populists who promise to slay demons.  We have our populists and they both have their demons.  The only ideas we have are from the Libertarians and it seems that no one is listening.